We are a non-profit, 501 (c) 3

To encourage and inspire creativity by providing inclusive art education, support and networking opportunities that cultivate community.

Kīpaipai Art Foundation was born at the tail end of 2017 as a non-profit giving support to our community, working with disabled youth and offering a place for students to access the highest level of artistic knowledge. We believe in the alchemical combination of imagination and creativity with an understanding and effective use of the vocabulary of fine art.

Our curriculum focuses on drawing and painting. Our programs, workshops and private lessons, provide a space where students can connect to the traditional techniques in a simple and clear way, while learning to approach classical realism in a new light.

  • May 2018 -Continuing Kipaipai through an anonymous donor, set up 2 scholarships for young and lava evacuee artists to go to the Artist Spotlight Workshop

  • Kipaipai started working with mentally disabled students from the Hawaii Academy of Arts and Science Public Charter School. Partners in the Arts and Science Center which is a no-profit

  • Created a fundraiser to get supplies to bring and give out at the Keaau and Pahoa shelters for lava relief victims

  • May-July 2018 did art workshops at the Keaau and Pahoa shelters for lava relief

  • August 23rd 2018 Started a “Art Angels” to donate and raise money for artists affected by the lava and to replace lost equipment and supplies

  • Coloring books for keikis; supplied coloring books and art supplies to displaced children from volcanic natural disaster

  • Donated Kipaipai space as a temporary shelter for a family of 6 displaced children from volcanic natural disaster

  • Provide ongoing artist library to the community

  • Worked on a Disabled comic book

  • Comicon 2018 video game The Freegrozer Contracts, Graphic Design work and consultant

  • Free Womans March Poster Making Party

  • Provided 2 scholarships for the Drawing Atelier

  • Offered free workshop to the HAAS students once a month

  • Free “How to Photograph your artwork” workshop

  • Provided 2 scholarships for the Painting Atelier

  • Donated 8 watercolor sets and 50 brushes to the Paradise Studio Tour to the Keaau high school art classes