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Mondernism with Margaret Stanton

November 2nd , 2019 w 12-4 pm

$67 materials included

Students are asked to bring high quality acrylic or oil

painting supplies and a primed canvas.

One hundred years ago, during a time of rapid changes, Modernism emerged as Artists became more interested in their dreams and feelings to find ways to depict more subjective experiences. Join me for a special painting session, and be willing to discover and embrace your own unique brand of Modernism to build a painting rich in personal memories.

We are at such a time as we see our island and community irrevocably changed. We need time to heal, and as artists, a more modern, artistic expression can help us to do that!

In this workshop you will:

  • create a painting on canvas of a special place from memory;

  • learn to think “out of the box,” experiment & paint what’s in your mind’s eye;

  • develop and enhance your vision with bold color, expressive brushwork and

  • exaggerated perspectives; and

  • discover what has special meaning to you right now in the midst of massive

  • change to our island and community.

Margaret Stanton blends expressive brushstrokes and vibrant colors to create bright seascapes and other sunny Hawaiian Island Acrylic Paintings. Her mural sites include Hilo Hospital and Historical Heritage Corridor on Hamakua Coast.

Her paintings featured at the Paradise Studio Tour take a dramatic departure from previous Impressionistic works. Now, her art better reflects Puna's dynamic and breathtaking coast, a region and a community forever changed in the wake of a destructive hurricane, massive lava flows, earthquakes and landslides! These new Expressionistic Paintings show a world in "flux". Her vivid interpretation of nature's forces gives viewers a feeling of being pulled upwards with the elements as they mingle and transform just as we are being transformed.

Margaret has been a resident of Big Island for 22 years. She is a painter and musician and continues to evolve artistically. Margaret Stanton's paintings have been commissioned for hotels, restaurants, businesses, libraries, hospitals and education centers throughout the United States. Her art leads a state-wide campaign for suicide prevention.

Stanton's paintings and fine art prints can be seen at and the Dreams of Paradise Gallery on Hilo's Bayfront.