Artist Spotlight featuring Anders Zorn
5:00 PM17:00

Artist Spotlight featuring Anders Zorn

The Artist Spotlight is back this November with Anders Zorn! He was a Swedish artist who obtained international success as a painter, sculptor, and etcher. One of the things he became well known for is his limited color palette that, even though containing only the colors of black, white, red, and yellow ochre, he was able to mix a variety of subtle, life like hues and values. Doors open at 5:00, slideshow and discussion on Zornʻs life and work begins at 5:15. Wine and pups provided; please bring anything else youʻd like to share. Price is $20 per person.

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Mastery with David Hardy
to Dec 11

Mastery with David Hardy

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 8.46.56 PM.png

As often happened with the old guild apprenticeships, David Hardy started his art studies when he was eleven years old. His grandmother, Marion Virginia Randall Randlett, became his first teacher. She had studied with William Merritt Chase during the early days of the Art Students League of New York. Even in her later days, "Mammaw" still fumed her resentment that when she did her anatomy studies, classes were segregated and she was herded into a "ladies’ group"

At age nineteen, Hardy continued his studies with the prominent Dallas portrait painter, Ramon Froman, under whom he studied for three years. Afterwards, He enrolled in the American Academy of Fine Art in Chicago. There he studied anatomy and figure drawing with an elderly Antonin Sterba. Sterba, when quite young, had studied with some of the French Academy greats at the Academe Julliane in Paris. Sterba introduced Hardy to the approaches favored by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres for constructing the human figure. Hardy went on to advanced figure drawing under the tutelage of Joseph Van der Brouk, graduate of the Royal Academy in Brussels. Van der Brouk emphasized the importance of describing light on form. Hardy’s figure painting teacher at the Academy was the renowned William Moseby. A talented colorist, Moseby was a graduate of both the Royal Academy in Brussels and the Superior Institute in Antwerp.

After three and a half years of continuous studies, Hardy moved to New York. He then enrolled in his grandmother’s alma mater, the Art Students League. At the League, he worked with the great anatomist, Robert Beverly Hale. Frank Mason, his figure painting instructor at the League, introduced him to research and Old Master painting formulations reconstructed by Jacques Maroger, former Head of Restoration, the Louvre Museum, Paris. While in New York, Hardy also studied creative thinking for artists with Jack Potter at the School of Visual Arts. 


An accomplished draftsman and painter, Hardy has exhibited at the John Pence Gallery in San Francisco and the Grenwich Gallery, New York.  He is included in a highly regarded textbook, "A Guide to Drawing", Fifth Edition, by Daniel M. Mendelowitz and Duane A. Wakeham. This text is used by major college art departments nationally, including, among others, Stanford University.

Hardy is also among artists featured in the North Light Publications book, "The Best of Flower Painting", and is listed in "Who’s Who in American Art". He was invited to participate in "The Best of Oil Paintings", issued by Rockport Publications. His portraits and other paintings are included in major collections nationally and abroad.  He is described by the Art Renewal Center as a "Living Master”.

David Hardy’s rare combination of warmth and knowledge and skill sets the tone of his teaching, combining both support and challenge.

Monday 2nd

Light & Atmosphere 10-1
Landscape demo 2-5pm

Tuesday 3rd
Composition 10-1
Landscape demo 2-5pm

Wednesday 4th
The magic of Color 10-1
Landscape demo 2-5pm

Thursday 5th
Charcoal/Chalk Still life 2-5

Friday 6th
Charcoal/Chalk Still life10-1
Landscape demo 2-5pm

Monday 9th
Model:Underpainting 10-1
Landscape Glazing2-5pm

Tuesday 10th
Painting:Glazing 10-1
Landscape demo 2-5pm

Wednesday 11th
Painting:Blocking in 10-1
Landscape demo 2-5pm

Thursday 12th
Painting:Velatura 2-5

Friday 13th
Painting:The Finish 10-1
Landscape demo 2-5pm

Entire unit of 10 sessions $400.00
Individual sessions $50.00

David demos landcapes in the afternoon
8 sessions $200.00
Individual seasions $30.00

Lunch with David from 1-2pm

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Painting Gesso with Rose Adare
12:00 PM12:00

Painting Gesso with Rose Adare

December 7 w 12-4 pm

$62 + $5 Material Fee

Students are asked to bring paiinting cloths, brushes, acrylic paints, a palette and palette knife and any objects you want to put on your paintings (E.g. crystals, rocks, pottery chards - nothing heavy or biodegradable). (A limited supply of these items are availble if you need them.)

Modeling paste and gesso allow you to create volume and texture and imbed objects into your paintings. This is a tremendously fun and sometimes medday process in which we can tap into being a kid again and get away with making waves, rocks, lava, spirals, sandcastles, petroglyphs and anything your imagination can conjure up!

In this workshop you will:

  • find out how to prepare and use varnish, modeling paste, metalic pigments and mica;

  • learn to incorporate paste to apply before and after painting on your surface;

  • explore the use ofmetalic pigments and mica; and

  • discover what and how to embed objects into the paste; and

  • take home 2 5x5 magical paintings.

Rose Adare started oil painting at the age of 7. Entering the Academy of Art University at 28 and graduating 5 years later with an Illustration major, emphasis in Fine Art and Computer Graphics, Adare's graduate show saw 3⁄4 of the paintings sell, most on the first night. Adares' work was featured in a Gustav Klimpt Retrospective at the renowned San Francisco's' Legion of Honor earlier that year.

Adare then received a full 3 year scholarship to the Atelier for Classical Realism under the tutelage of Mr. David Hardy and Mr. Rob Anderson. After completion of  Mr. Hardy's Atelier, he pulled Adare aside stating “You now have the obligation to pass this knowledge on and keep it alive, you may open your own Atelier.” Adare has been teaching for 29 years now in the field of art.

Adares' counterculture portrait series Restraint & Revolution made it’s tour from the Maui Arts and Cultural Center’s Schaefer International Gallery (2013) to museums and galleries in San Francisco, Seattle, and Las Vegas. Adare's ongoing, island inspired portrait series Mahalo Nui Loa continues to capture Hawaii’s serenity one painting at a time.

Adare’s portraits invest over 100 hours, layering thin translucent paints until the figure appears to breathe on the canvas. Adare exhibited at MACC’s Schaeffer Portrait Challenge (2012, 2015, 2018) while winning awards at the Wyland Gallery’s Best of the West (2013) and the Hawaii Museum of Contemporary Art (2015). Adare has two books: Restraing & Revolution: The Art of Adare and The Pocket Guide for the Badass Artist along with a DVD documentary of Restraint & Revolution.

Adare sits on the Kīpaipaiboard as President, is a board member for the Paradise Studio Tour, and was a board member for the Hawai'i Museum of Contemporary Art for three years.

Adare is a gallery artist and a portrait artist, working on commissions, shows and gallery work. Adare travels to Maui and Oahu to teach and serves as Director and year-round instructor at KīpaipaiSchool of Art, a non-profit on the Island of Hawai'i.

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Modernism with Margaret Stanton
12:00 PM12:00

Modernism with Margaret Stanton

November 2nd , 2019 w 12-4 pm

$67 materials included

Students are asked to bring high quality acrylic or oil

painting supplies and a primed canvas.

One hundred years ago, during a time of rapid changes, Modernism emerged as Artists became more interested in their dreams and feelings to find ways to depict more subjective experiences. Join me for a special painting session, and be willing to discover and embrace your own unique brand of Modernism to build a painting rich in personal memories.

We are at such a time as we see our island and community irrevocably changed. We need time to heal, and as artists, a more modern, artistic expression can help us to do that!

In this workshop you will:

  • create a painting on canvas of a special place from memory;

  • learn to think “out of the box,” experiment & paint what’s in your mind’s eye;

  • develop and enhance your vision with bold color, expressive brushwork and

  • exaggerated perspectives; and

  • discover what has special meaning to you right now in the midst of massive

  • change to our island and community.

Margaret Stanton blends expressive brushstrokes and vibrant colors to create bright seascapes and other sunny Hawaiian Island Acrylic Paintings. Her mural sites include Hilo Hospital and Historical Heritage Corridor on Hamakua Coast.

Her paintings featured at the Paradise Studio Tour take a dramatic departure from previous Impressionistic works. Now, her art better reflects Puna's dynamic and breathtaking coast, a region and a community forever changed in the wake of a destructive hurricane, massive lava flows, earthquakes and landslides! These new Expressionistic Paintings show a world in "flux". Her vivid interpretation of nature's forces gives viewers a feeling of being pulled upwards with the elements as they mingle and transform just as we are being transformed.

Margaret has been a resident of Big Island for 22 years. She is a painter and musician and continues to evolve artistically. Margaret Stanton's paintings have been commissioned for hotels, restaurants, businesses, libraries, hospitals and education centers throughout the United States. Her art leads a state-wide campaign for suicide prevention.

Stanton's paintings and fine art prints can be seen at and the Dreams of Paradise Gallery on Hilo's Bayfront.

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Soft Pastel Still Life Painting with Patti Pease
12:00 PM12:00

Soft Pastel Still Life Painting with Patti Pease

October 5, 2019 w 12-4 pm

$67 materials included.

This workshop is designed to provide you with guidance and instpiration in creating your own beautiful 9x12 pastel still life painting. All materials will be provided and artists of all levels are welcome!

In this workshop you will:

  • learn about various types of pastels, papers, & fixing/mounting techniques;

  • practice on newsprint to get the flow of holding pastels and staying loose;

  • following the still life setup, you’ll recieve step by step instructions in a proven rotational method for success in bringing your own natural style to the surface.

  • discover how to use form and fill, the value of black & white & then color; and

  • grow your knowledge of composition, color and problem correction.

PATTI PEASE JOHNSON teaches art workshops in three mediums: liquid dye on silk, soft pastel, and watercolor at various locations around Hawaii Island. She has home and fashion accessory lines in galleries and gift shops around the state and her original paintings are found in many international collections. She also creates in metal and clay.

She has had 10 solo exhibitions, been in numerous juried art competitions, and has been curator of five major multiple artist exhibits. She has been a long time board member of various art organizations, currently on the board of Hawaii Craftsmen. Mrs. Johnson is a self-taught artist who relishes taking intensive art workshops when available, and enjoys the journey of learning and doing.

“I'm exhilarated by nature's beauty and vivid colors, and relish a rock, a leaf or piece of moss as much as a mountain or the ocean,” she explains. “It's the simplistic nature of life I find most intriguing. Flow and contrast, color and form, intuition and newness are what excites me in creation.

I use the mediums of liquid dye on silk with wax resist, metal forming, clay, soft pastels, and watercolor. For silk work, all colors are mixed using the four printing process colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. I'm very grateful to my parents for instilling the art of noticing nature's greatness. My artistic mission is to light people up with the colors of life.”

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Life Drawing with Rod Cameron
12:00 PM12:00

Life Drawing with Rod Cameron

September 7, 2019 w 12-4 pm

$95 (includes $12 nonrefundable Registration Fee)

Students are asked to bring 18x24 or larger newsprint or craft paper, drawing board with clips, vine stick charcoal in large sizes, compressed stick charcoal and any mid-value, neutral earth hues or grey colored pastel chalks. Advanced students may bring drawing media of choice.

This workshop is designed for beginners and advanced students and will provide a full session of basics for getting your figure drawing on the path to real growth. A briefing on anatomy for artists with emphasis on the head and hands will be presented along with follow-up resources.

In this workshop you will:

  • learn to create the “life line”upon which to build your drawing;

  • discover contrasts in the human form (e.g. straight/curved, active/inert sides);

  • explore balance, unity and rhythm in reference to different positions;

  • learn how to light and pose your model; and

  • enhance your use of light/shade, line quality, edges and negative shapes.

Rod Cameron’s fine art drawings and paintings are internationally acclaimed and widely collected. He studied at the Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles and the Art Student’s League of New York and apprenticed with impressionist painter, Keith Ward. 

A former illustrator and designer, Rod illustrated The Peace Series (Artium Publications), a series of 13 books containing 20 illustrations each, which won the National Ben Franklin Gold and Silver Awards, can be found in the collections of the University of Connecticut’s Northeast Children’s Literature Collection, Swarthmore College Peace Collection, and the University of Southern Mississippi’s de Grummond Children’s Literature Collection and have been placed on permanent display at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

He founded and served as Director of East/West Arts in Ventura, whose clients included The Los Angeles Times, Warner Bros. Studio Stores, Hasbro Toys and Weatherhill Publications.  He also created the first Diamond Head Music Festival posters in Hawai’i for Santana, Buddy Miles and others. His commemorative Merrie Monarch Festival paintings were published as posters in 2010 and 2011 by the Hawai’i Visitors Bureau.

Rod has shown extensively throughout the US and Europe and is represented by Lahaina Galleries in Newport Beach, Maui, and the Big Island where he currently resides.

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Watercolor Portraits with Nancy DeLucrezia
12:00 PM12:00

Watercolor Portraits with Nancy DeLucrezia

August 3 w 12-4 pm

$95 (includes $20 nonrefundable Registration Fee)

Please bring any watercolor paints, brushes and supplies that you have, and an 8.5 x 11 copy of your favorite portrait photo on plain printer paper. Watercolor paper will be provided for everyone as well as some paints and supplies for beginners.

When we paint a person we are both revealing to them how we perceive their essence, as well revealing to them a part of our own inner selves. Creating a portrait is often nothing short of an intimate mirroring event.

In this workshop you will:

  • develop your ability to “see” and translate to paper the essence of your subject;

  • learn how to work from photographs and tranfer your images to watercolor paper;

  • find out how to choose and mix vibrant colors based on pigment characteristics;

  • explore various techniques including washes, dry brush and wet on wet; and

  • learn how to push and pull your shadows and highlights to create dramatic effects.

Nancy DeLucrezia created and produced her first art show at the age of twelve. She minored in art in high school and majored in art at the State University of New York, selecting printmaking and photography as her media.

In the late 1980’s she moved to California and  joined the Santa Barbara Watercolor Society and studied privately with founder, Rose Margaret Braiden. She also studied with award winning watercolor artist, Judy Koenig.

Ms. DeLucrezia was a charter member of Working Artists Ventura (WAV), a residential community of artists and writers where she lived for 6 years. She also served as Art Programs Director for Turning Point Foundation teaching watercolor classes  for psychiatrically challenged clients and currating community exhibits of their work.

Since moving to Hawaii in 2016, she has worked in acryllic with Peggy Stanton and oils with Rose Adare in addition to watercolor painting which she also teaches at the Volcano Art Center. She is currently a member of the Board of Directors of both Kīpaipai and the Hawaii Island Art Alliance (HIAA).

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