About Kipaipai School of Art

Kīpaipai School of Art is located Hawaiian Paradise Park, in Keaau Hawaii. It was born at the tail end of 2017 as a non-profit organization, offering a place for students to access the highest level of artistic knowledge. We believe in the alchemical combination of imagination and creativity with an understanding and effective use of the vocabulary of fine art.

Our curriculum focuses on drawing and painting. Our programs, workshops and private lessons, provide a space where students can connect to the traditional techniques in a simple and clear way, while learning to approach classical realism in a new light.

We strive to learn from great artists who established the path. From the stalwart Da Vinci to the taciturn Gentileschi, from Fechin’s obsessive earnestness to Dali’s vision and Kusama’s unwavering universe, we reach beyond to find our artistic identity the present. Our school evolves as a family as we learn together now little-known principles and techniques inherited from the Florentine Renaissance of realism and shaped by the 19th-century European academies. Once understood, students can bend, shape and manipulate these principles and techniques to their own needs, and give strength to innovate art styles. Knowing the foundations of art strengthens the development of all mediums and styles.

We embrace learning at every level from single workshops to comprehensive programs in a clear and succinct way, allowing all students to discover their own voice and grow in their own time. Kīpaipai covers a multitude of mediums, techniques, and applications in a completely unique way for  emerging artist as well as established art professionals, with focus on business development and career counseling when requested.

Workshops are based upon a methodical progression from sight sizing Braque drawings, to copying from plaster sculptures, drawing and painting from still life, copying works by old masters, still life portraiture and figure drawing.

Kīpaipai's atmosphere is supportive, encouraging and professional. There is a conscious connection between students and teachers based on relaxed, mutual understanding and earned respect. We help one another, joke and share in each others successes.

There is also a deep level of personal commitment and devotion at Kīpaipaifor both art and artist, for thoughts and emotions as well as technique, and for the soul of our work as well as academic study. Kīpaipai holds an annual gala for students to show their work. We also provide studio space for artists participating in the Paradise Studio Tour each December. We are engaged in community endeavors and have worked in conjunction with the Hui'noeau in Maui, The East Hawai'i Cultural Center in Hilo, Donkey Mill in Kona, Abled Hawai'i Artists both in Hilo and Kona and The Arts Alliance in Oahu. We strive to foster our students success in the art world with galleries, art centers, show opportunities, and other business ventures.